«Sashimi & Toast with Premol ♪» 2H [Drinking] Creative Cookery Course 8 items 3500 yen

«Sashimi & Toast with Premol ♪» 2H [Drinking] Creative Cookery Course 8 items 3500 yen

By using a coupon3500 yen

♪ be creative creativity that feels the season ♪


«Miscellaneous (example)»

【Small bowl】 「Renko Kinpira」

Please enjoy the texture of Shakijaki.

【Buying】 "Market direct delivery! Boasting sashimi assorted platter"

Please enjoy the best sashimi of the day.

【Salad】 "Hirano-ya salad ~ Homemade non-oil dressing ~"

Please have fresh vegetables cultivated at Hirano or our own farm.

【Meat dishes】 "Chicken thigh salt dale grill"

Squeeze plenty of lemon and have a refreshing pleasure.

【One item】 "Fried tofu with meat miso paste"

Please make plenty of popular homemade meat miso.

【Fish dishes】 "Kibinago pickled in Nambucan"

Refreshing with refreshing taste.

【Rice】 "Mushrooms plentiful! Take away fried rice"

Autumn included plenty of seasonal mushrooms.

【Sweet taste】 "Homemade Ice Brulee"

It is a very popular dish like regulars!

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  • «2 H [drinking] & sashimi ♪
    Creative cooking course
    8 items 3500 yen / 8 items 4000 yen / 10 items 4500 yen

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      Booking till the previous day (consultation required on the day) / 3 people ~ / other tickets and services can not be used together ☆ 3500 yen → toast premoles / 4000 yen & 4500 yen → premoled drinks all you can OK

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      Until the end of March 2018